Top 10 Scan to PDF Software 2017

Top 10 Scan to PDF Software 2017

Converting documents to PDF file has never been easier. There is software that you can use for this purpose and the good thing is that most of them are 100% free to use. In addition, the developers have put in place firewalls that ensure that the software is not used by hackers as loopholes to users’ computers.

Here are the top 10 scan to PDF software 2017 that is compatible with Windows.

Number 1# Advanced Scan to PDF Free

Advanced Scan to PDF Free is the top rated and preferred software in this category. One of the main highlights is that it can handle a broad range of documents. The scanning and conversion process is also very fast. You can also add metadata such as the author’s name, change the size of images, as well as add a digital signature to protect the documents from tampering. You can also protect the PDF files with a password especially when sharing them with colleagues via email.

Number 2# Fast Scan to PDF

Fast Scan to PDF is compatible with Windows and is very user-friendly. You can use it to scan multiple documents at a go. Unlike other software that will ask for your preferred settings every time you are scanning a document, this one will remember them thereby making the whole process easy and swift. In fact, the only thing it will request from you is the file, which you will upload, and your preferred file name for easier tracking in your computer once the scanning and conversion process is complete.

Number 3# Free Scan to PDF

Free Scan to PDF handles not only text documents but also images. As the name suggests, this software is free to use and the procedure of using it is quite straightforward. It can handle a broad range of documents and images including reports and contract agreements. The PDF document will be saved in your preferred folder that you select at the start of the process. In addition, you can choose to send it straight to your peers via email instead of saving it on your computer.

Number 4# Scan2PDF

If you are looking to convert word documents into professional PDF files, Scan2PDF is a perfect choice for you. One of the main reasons why it is preferred by millions of people across the globe is because it is easy to use and it supports a broad range of files types including images. The only downside is that updates are irregular and so it is not possible to tell when the software will be updated, but if you are looking for simple-to-use software, this is a perfect choice for you.

Number 5# Advanced Scan To PDF

Advanced Scan To PDF (STP 1.0) is reliable software that you can use to convert virtually any paper document that you have into a PDF file. Images can be edited before the final PDF file is developed and so you do not need to have an additional image editing software for this purpose. The file can be compressed to suit your desired size.

Number 6# Nuance Power PDF 2 Advanced

Nuance Power PDF 2 Advanced is an ideal business tool that you can use to convert documents into PDF files and share with colleagues via email on a fly. You can create the files straight from your office scanner and it only takes one click for the document to be converted. One of the features that give it an upper is that you can create a PDF file from virtually any computer application that has printing functionality. You can also store important emails as PDFs.

Number 7# Phantom PDF Editor

Phantom PDF Editor is considered one of the most advanced software in the market and the beauty of using it is that the developer updates it almost on a weekly basis to ensure it can handle all types of documents. As you can tell from the name, this software also goes an extra mile to provide editing features to edit the PDF file to your liking. You can also merge or separate the PDF files as well as crop, add, rotate, and flatten them to suit their use or your preference.

Number 8# Soda PDF

Soda PDF has one of the cleanest and user-friendly interfaces and you can use it to create PDF files from a broad range of file formats including websites. It is available in eight different languages and this explains why it is popular in virtually all countries across the globe. In addition, it has an OCR feature (optical character recognition) feature that can be used to re-convert the PDF files into Word documents. You can also come up with your own templates for the PDFs.

Number 9# PDF Architect

PDF Architect comes with all the modules that you will need to not only convert images and word documents into PDFs but also the ability to edit the content of the PDF. Before the downloading the final file, you can preview it to be sure that every detail is OK thereby lowering the chances of any mistakes or errors occurring. It also has batch conversion feature that you can use to convert multiple documents into PDF files at the same time.

Number 10# Lightning PDF Professional

Lightning PDF Professional is available in 23 different languages and this makes it perfect for international companies and corporations that have employees from different nationalities. Once you download and install it on your computer, you will find it easy to use as all functions are clearly labeled on the interface. If you need to combine multiple PDFs, you will need to add each one of them separately.

Final Verdict

Based on our analysis and extensive testing of each of these software, we are happy to say that Advanced Scan to PDF Free is the most reliable and efficient software for this purpose. Despite its extensive features, it”s free to use and very secure.